The name of the blog is pretty self-explanatory, so I’m not going to talk much about that here (but you can go to my first post from June 13, 2014 see more on it (Boy oh boy did I really start this on Friday the thirteenth? Meh, I’m not superstitious like that!))

Farangian? Well, that’s me, or at least the name I’m using here. It comes from a fantasy world I created and am writing in called Farangia. The name Farangia, comes from a trip to Thailand I made years ago with my dad. One of the things I learned on that trip is that the Thai people referred to foreigners, particularly western foreigners as ‘farangs’; coming from the French, who they had a lot of their early western contact with. I named the world Farangia because, well we’re all foreigners there aren’t we! I name myself Farnangian because since it is my world I am ‘of Farangia’ and as a writer I always feel at least a little bit like someone on the outside looking in.

When I’m not in a world of my very own (according to certain in-laws that would be never…). I cook, write non fiction, do research, tutor statistics, and make shiny things out of rock and metal.

Currently I have an MA in Psychology with additional graduate and undergraduate course work in English (literature), Education (literally cradle to grave), and jewelry/sculpture. Having been dubbed the eternal student by one of my old room mates, and having a wife working on a PHD. It is likely that I will be at least around universities for the rest of my life so it is entirely likely that this list will grow…


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