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You’ve found the place online where I talk about a lot of things like writing, empowerment and becoming among others. To be honest I feel like this page is a place to talk about just about anything and I welcome responses and comments on just about anything I say.

To understand a little more about the what, why and how’s of what we talk about take a look at these two posts:  This is going to be fun! Learning More, Becoming Better

This site is kind of perpetually under construction and I make no apology for that. As long as we are alive we should be learning and growing and building, so it’s kind of natural that my site is always growing and changing in one way or another. It’s a reflection of me and I’m always growing and changing in one way or another.

Who am I? Well, one approach to answering that would be to go to my about page where I talk about myself. Other options (which might be even better) would include looking at my Books! N’ Things! page that shows some of the stuff I’ve done and written. You could also see what I’ve been writing, reading and thinking (and maybe obsessing) about lately.

I’m kind of a believer in ‘show don’t tell’ and ‘by their fruits ye shall know them’. So I’d rather show you who I am than tell you. (Telling can take a lot more explaining…)

Thanks for coming to the page and thanks for reading! Below here you’ll find a few of the latest goings on and a sign up just in case you want to know/hear more.

What’s going on lately?

Johnson Farm, my 2015 NANOWRIMO novel, is in the hands of a limited group of readers. Reactions are good so far (but now the teens are getting their hands on it…). The book is on course to come out in December 2016 (actually on schedule? Shocking…).

On the non fiction side of the house I’m gearing up to write a book on your money and how you spend it. Is it scary that I know exactly how long it will take me to read 1000 pages worth of research?

In Other News…

It’s coming…

November is on it’s way again. That means National Novel Writing Month is on its way. Once again I’m out to finish writing a 50,000 word novel in just one month, and I’m inviting you to try one too.

And don’t forget my latest WMS post here.

Thanks again for reading.

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