Where is Farangia? Well that’s hard to say… it travels around in my head, and in the minds and heats of those who read the stories.

What is Farangia? Easier question, but still complicated… Farangia is a world created by me for fantasy stories that I have written and am writing. It is a world where magic exists, most of the “gods” exist because people believe in them, and my characters live, work and have adventures. It is a world where almost anything can happen. It is a world where what “can I do” and “what can’t I do” are important questions, but so are “what will I do” and “how do I use the opportunities in front of me.” It is a world for stories and a thought lab for exploring human existence.

What kind of name is Farangia anyway? Actually it is an artifact of my own adventures. When I was in high school I had a chance to take a trip to Thailand. One of the things I learned is that ‘farang’ is a Thai term for western foreigners; coming from their early encounters with the French. Farang meaning foreigners and an appendage gia meaning place or land and there you have Farangia. It is a foreign land that I and those who chose to read the stories are exploring.

Things about Farangia and other places/stories will and do crop up here on the blog from time to time (it is my writing blog…) and this page serves as a ‘control point’ where I’m trying to keep track of them all in some sort of an organized manner (an act equivalent to simultaneously herding duck and cats…). So far I make no promises about what will show up here and when. My little world in the back of my head still has surprises left in store…


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