Diabetes one story among many

Roughly two weeks before I started this page of the blog I got one of the crappier birthday presents I’ve ever been presented with, a weeks stay in the hospital including a three day stay in the ICU and a pick line jammed into my arm (on the bright side I did get all the ice I could crunch and ‘free’ cable). The center point of the whole mess was diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA),  basically my system had come to a point where it was a lot easier to burn fat that glucose… that was a good thing because it was helping me lose weight, but a bad one because it was basically turning my blood to acid and making it hard to breath. And so I found myself in the hospital and diagnosed as diabetic.

Now, I will say that I have been diagnosed as diabetic. I am much more hesitant to say that I am diabetic; I would rather say that I am a person with the condition of diabetes. For good or ill I have been diagnosed as diabetic but I will not allow a systemic disease become my whole story or dominate my life. I intend to get away from needing insulin and get healthier.  I also intend to go on with the other things in my life like writing (fiction and non fiction), making shiny things in my workshop, and my marriage.

Now, why is this page here? Words Mean stuff is my writing blog. I am including diabetes stuff here because having diabetes is a situation, a state of life, and something that can be explored and written about. I am including it here as an experience and something that can be talked/written/thought about. The word has meaning like any other and how you think about the situation can have a real effect on how you interact with the disease. As I am not alone in the universe and I am certainly not the only person in the world with diabetes in my life, I would love comments and conversations on how diabetes has entered and affected the lives of the people who read this.

The point of the whole thing is in meaning and finding meaning; it is also in the choice we make and how they affect us (in my universe choice and meaning do have connections (why do anything, make any choice, if it has no meaning?)). I would really like to explore what this diagnosis and things attached to it mean to others and how it affects the choices they make. This extends to others around those with diabetes as well. One of the things that I have quickly come to recognize is the impact that this situation has on my wife (lets start with that week in the hospital…) and I know we are not the only ones.

So, I will be putting the occasional post about diabetes stuff on the blog (and connecting them to this page) and encouraging you the reader to talk, post, read and examine this experience should it be in or come into your life or that of someone you love. I am pretty open as to what you comment on, or want to talk about with this; but, one of the general rules of my blog is that politics is off the table (Sorry neither Bush nor Obama is the cause of diabetes, nor is it caused or cured by gay marriage). I’m not really looking for a lot of statistics or recipes (you can find those here)  but more the experiences, thoughts and stories that go with the situation.



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