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This is the page where I talk about books I’ve written and stuff I’ve made. Let’s start with the latest first…

Johnson Farm:


The door was locked from the outside. But, was that to keep people out, or keep the secrets in?

Nestled in the hills and canyons of Northern Idaho, surrounded by the fields his family had farmed for generations it sat. It was the center, right between the old farmhouse and the new. ‘The coop’ was, somehow, chicken coop, playhouse, and gypsy wagon combined. Under its weathered shingles someone had made the place her own. Under its weathered eaves the brothers still hid when the conflicts were too hot and the pain too deep. And no one would talk about it.

Instead Uncle Harley drops hints and causes mayhem. Dad, the naval officer, starts acting more like a sulky class mate. And Uncle Theo? Always intimidating, always ‘perfect’ Uncle Theo seems to become less perfect. And yet more human…

After being dragged to the funeral of a man he’s never met John Johnson needs something the brothers won’t give him; answers. Anger and curiosity set him on his path into the heart of the farm, past the peeling green paint, past the gray weathered wood, and into the past they won’t tell him about.

An old farm hand, new friends and the girl of his dreams await him on that path. Each holding a part of the puzzle. Each strengthening and helping, filling in where Dad and the Uncles won’t. Each will bring him closer to his answers, if they don’t kill him first…

Johnson Farm is the story of a boy exploring his family and his family history. It’s a story about family and how the choices we make can affect our family for generations to come.

The E-book is available on Amazon and the paper back will be available soon.

Also available through my publisher…

cmbc6x9 cover front

Chainmail Bottle Carriers is a starter guide to making useful, attractive and fun projects with metal and other materials. It is meant to help beginners to learn techniques and develop skills while providing options to go on beyond the projects presented to create new and unique designs.

The book goes beyond simple sets of instructions to help the reader understand why and how to do things as well as what to do. It is intended both as a starting point for the novice and part of the ongoing conversation with those already skilled in working with rings.

It is available as an EBook here. It is also available as a PDF at  my ETSY store. The PDF has a better layout. It costs a little more, but because I don’t have to deal with ‘flowable text’ the pictures and text will match up more reliably.