Opening the door…

I read years ago that you know a story is finished when editing means adding and removing the same comma. And that’s where I find myself!

Several years ago (almost a decade ago actually) I had a dream that I considered making into a story. Then in 2015 I decided to actually sit down and do NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month for those not familiar…). The story from that dream seemed like a natural choice to work on.

In the 16 months since I started the project the story has been developed and improved. I’ve spent a lot of time sweating the details on this one, and now it’s finally ready.

I’ve talked a lot in this blog about plans, choices and making things happen. So, now, let me share a little bit of that happening from my own life!

The things we really want to do, the ones that we are willing to put the effort in on really can happen dear reader!

If the story sounds interesting, or if you’d just like to see a little more about it, follow this link…

For those who actually choose to pre-order the book I really am offering some neat stuff as premiums. My favorite is actually the early drafts of the book that I’m offering (How often do you actually get a piece of the behind the scenes action? (And with this one you can get a very limited piece of a series at its start))

So dear reader, thank you for all the reads and likes over the years.

And remember you can make those dreams come true!


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