Why are we doing this? (Part 1)

If you ever hope to understand yourself you need to have a “what the heck am I doing?” experience. You need to genuinely take a look at what you’re doing and question yourself on it. This is the start of knowing…

“What am I doing?” is a good start, but you need to follow it up with other questions. Specifically it’s good to spend some time on ‘how’ and ‘why’. You actually need to ask both.

‘How’ questions are management questions. What techniques are you using? How effective are they? How could you improve? These are mid-stream progress questions. They help you evaluate what you’re doing. They are very valuable, but they still need something to complete the whole picture.

The big one, the real can of worms, is ‘why’.

‘Why’ can be a management question, if you focus really tight and stay close to the ground. Those whys aren’t too scary…

The scary part comes when we ask ‘why’ as a leadership question.

‘Why’ as a leadership question gets to our motives and purposes. An honest answer to why we are doing this might lead to how do we improve questions, but it could also lead to having to say “We need to scrap this and try something else.”

‘Why’ as a leadership question forces us to face our mistakes. ‘Why’ as a leadership question forces us to turn and take a look at ourselves, and what is going on in our minds and souls. If you are asking ‘why’ it becomes very hard to keep your nose to the grindstone and keep doing those “supposed to do’s” that seem to cost us more than they’re worth.

But, a funny thing happens when we ask ‘why’. The onerous “supposed to do’s” can now be transformed into want to do’s, or they could be replaced with more effective things. Understanding can lead to power and responsibility.

Since we are intelligent beings endowed by our creator with the ability to act for ourselves, ‘why’ is perhaps the most important question. It is the question that leads to greater understanding.

‘Why’ leads to understanding of purposes and causation. ‘How’ leads to solutions.  They are powerful questions dear reader. They are powerful tools. Don’t be afraid to use them!

For why I personally am doing this check out this post at Forever Mountain Publishing.


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