Growing the family!!!

Before the rumors get really out of hand let me reassure my father, no we’re not having a baby at this point in time…

One of the greatest struggles I deal with as a writer/artist is that I really like to work alone. But, you can’t work alone all the time, and some tasks require skills that you might not have. So, at some point you have to grow up a little and build a team (something I’ll probably be talking about here (a lot…)).

Of course if you’re building a team the team needs a place…

Even if you’re team meets on line you need somewhere that represents you as a group. You need somewhere that is a point of shared presence.

For about a year I’ve held title to a fun little publishing label Forever Mountain Publishing. It started as something I put together for a book I wanted to publish. But, (as much as I struggle with it) it’s time for Forever Mountain to grow. It’s time for me to build a team. So, today I’m announcing the creation of the Forever Mountain Publishing website. Follow the link to see what’s there and what we’re about.

The website is still growing (as am I and as is my team…), but it is here and it is growing.

I don’t know all that the future holds dear reader, but I know that as long as we are willing to learn, put forth our efforts to do that which is good, and take the opportunities we are blessed with we will make it through.


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