Starting anew…

So far 2017 has been a challenge (and we’re not even going into politics with this…).

In the first six weeks of the year we (my wife and I) have dealt with unusually high snow levels, flooding, three antibiotics prescriptions, a doctoral dissertation (still in progress), a book launch (still in progress), and another book project that’s going from a simple straight forward idea to a larger straight forward idea (which means going back to the drawing board on the book).

Yeah, there have been challenges…

But, the secret is to keep going. You keep working toward your goals (your real goals) and find your way through. We (all of us) also need to be continually learning. When you close your mind you are closing off your ability to succeed.

When I say that we need to continue learning and not be closed minded, I don’t mean that we should surrender to whatever “the latest thing” is or whatever Mr/Mrs latest trendy pop sensation said on twitter. We need to be actively engaged in learning. We need new information and we need to incorporate it into our understanding of how the world works. We need to examine how new knowledge meshes with what we already understand.

There may be changed or bad data in what we understood before, and it’s a good idea to change out that data for new, better data. But, make sure the new data really is better; not just newer or better feeling, but actually better. This means we need to put time and effort into evaluating; not just accepting or ignoring, but evaluating. We need to evaluate what is presented to us, choose the best/most valid of it, and incorporate it into what we already know.

It doesn’t matter if the source is left, right, gay, straight, transgender, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, black, white, brown, red, blue, green, or purple. The idea is to take what’s good and true in what comes to you; filter out the bad; and grow your understanding and yourself.

In school we have teachers to hold us accountable for learning. In real life we have ourselves. One of the best ways we can hold ourselves accountable is to share what we have learned. This is scary. Sharing opens you up to other people’s opinions, but if you know you’re right you don’t need to fear opinion (you are right).

Sharing what we learn helps us be accountable to ourselves in that we have to keep learning to do it. And, we have to do that second part, the evaluating and filtering (I’m betting you don’t want to pass on bad or incorrect information any more than I do (and if you do… well that’s an issue for another time)).

When you learn and pass on that learning you improve yourself as a person and grow your influence on the world around you.

That’s it for today dear reader. Go, learn and share…

And so will I…


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