We all have them…

Those ideas and projects that seem really good and really simple, until we actually get started…

Three weeks ago we had an electrician replace an old and less than functional breaker box. The home warranty people would cover most of the cost and it improves the house. It was a great idea, except that it meant turning off my computer which refused to turn back on…

Eventually it did get turned back on, but experience convinced my wife that I need a new computer. That lead to a full on plan for running updates, upgrades and replacements for all of our computers…

It also lead to me getting a new laptop and deciding to reorganize how things are set up on my desk.

That lead to moving my desk; which led to…


Ordinarily I stress thinking things through before you do them but, sometimes you honestly can’t see everything that’s going to happen. I certainly didn’t foresee my computer not turning on, or how replacing the electrical panel would lead to a plan where my wife and I both have desk tops and laptops, but here we are. When these situations happen you can still benefit from your ability to plan and make choices in advance.

How? By making sure almost everything is working in an organized and stable  manner. If it is you can have the latitude and clarity to deal with the things that you didn’t expect. By making a plan and knowing where your resources (time, money, tools, and so on) are, and what there going to be used for, you can make changes when you need to and keep moving forward even when life throws you a curve ball.

Making it up as you go can be fun. Surprises can make life interesting. Having a plan can help you survive those surprises and have that fun with your sanity intact. Never let your plan be so technical and inflexible you can’t deal with the surprises (you’ll crash). But, also know where your going  and what you have to help you get there. That way you can make it through those unexpected events we’re all going to have eventually.

That’s it for this one dear reader. Until next time…

Is that actually a .357 casing in the picture? Puppies round up my characters… I need to know who’s been having gunfights in the office!




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