Another lesson while ‘riding through the desert’

While I was on my last trip to California my wife and I went to her parents ward (congregation) for church.

One of the young men who was at the table to bless the bread and water was interesting. He was short. He had Downs Syndrome facial features. He wore glasses and a hearing aid. I thought,  “How nice, they’re letting him help.” It’s not uncommon for some wards to have a third young man help break the bread.

Then something happened that surprised  me (and it shouldn’t have). He wasn’t there just to help break the bread, he was there to bless the Sacrament. This young man, even with all his problems, was worthy and capable of performing the work of The Lord.

I thought about the people in our own ward back home. We have a man who (by statistics) should never have survived childhood. He faithfully mans the doors to the chapel every week, or helps pass the bread and water, or otherwise helps to serve The Lord and his church family in any way he can. And he’s happy to do it. He also take attendance for my group in one of our other Sunday meetings. When it is time to do our quarterly reports he is the one person that I never have to worry about having his information in on time!

None of us are in any way perfect. None of us is without bump, dent, bruise, defect, or stain.

All of us are capable of doing real good in the world. And, none of us are more powerful, capable, or blessed than when we do what The Lord would ask us to do.

That’s it for today dear reader. Until next time…

God bless!


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