Unexpected Superpowers!

This is going to be the last post for a couple of weeks… I’m gearing up for a book coming out later in the year (last November’s NANOWRIMO project) and I’m gearing up for one of the greatest horrors known to man kind… the in-law’s family reunion… and that’s where I discovered one of my unexpected superpowers…

I should say at the outset that I don’t really mind family reunions, as long as they aren’t from my family for some reason… For one thing I’m less likely to be dragged in to stuff. For another I’m more able to go under the wire…

Of course some families (like my moms…) have spent time figuring out how to prevent people from going under the wire and getting away from the people that want to talk at you. My wife’s family is actually to be congratulated because they’ve found the most successful way to keep you from going under the wire (or off the reservation, or any other metaphor for getting away from people…) you just hold the reunion on a boat (ok, ship if you really have to…) there is zero chance of getting away… that’s when I found my super power…

I’m a fiction writer… I create stories. I’m a fantasy and sci fi fiction writer… I create whole worlds. So, yes they can put me on a boat. Yes they can put us out in the middle of the water where you can’t just walk or drive away; however, they can’t keep you from getting away if you bring away with you!

I’m a serious believer in the use of story to help you understand yourself. I’m a believer in using writing to sort out your own problems. It wasn’t until today I realized that extends to family reunion avoidance!

And, here’s the kicker, the part of my in-laws family that likes me is impressed with me for being a writer and will let me get away with it (at least most of the time…).

So, yes, that is my solution, that’s my newly found superpower. If you’re like me and dread those family reunions, take some writing stuff with you. Take a story with you, or find one on the way. It can help you cope and might just impress someone on the way!

Until next time dear reader…

Enjoy your own story.

P.S. As a writer I think I can like family reunions, if nothing else they are a source of material…




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