Crashing Through

As I said in my last post there was no post last week do to (among other things) going to a memorial service for my mother…

In one week we had Tax Day, a finished draft to go to the publisher (which had to be done before I left), my mother’s memorial, dealing with in-laws, medical issues on that side of the family, and a surprise party (not a big fan of surprise parties). You would think that somewhere in all that, all the stress, there would be the thing that gets me wouldn’t you… You would be (and I was) wrong!

I’ve talked about some of my adventures with diabetes in this blog and this was another. and not in the way I expected…

Often the problems and damage from diabetes are from really high blood sugar. Stress is a known high blood sugar trigger. As are over eating and eating off schedule. This week I was guilty as charged for all of the above.

Travel and family quickly killed the schedule. Stress was through the roof. And, I had actually given myself permission to be a little looser on my diet while on the trip (and that was before the family and well wishers got into the act). By all rights my blood sugar should have been through the roof.

I was ready for it to be through the roof. I was ready for the stress. The thing that got me was the one that I didn’t see coming.

After all that, on the last day (supposedly) of the trip home; after I was restoring normalcy to my stress,  diet and life; my blood sugar levels dropped through the floor.

Lows are a real and significant problem.

I’m off insulin and my meds don’t cause lows. I hadn’t considered my ability to adapt to stress and ask/think about what happens when  it goes away. It never occurred to me to think about the after because I was focused on the during.

I talk (and think) a lot about plans and choices and the things we learn. The thing I learned from this one is we have to think about the whole thing. Not just how we achieve X, but what happens after we do it.

Survival has consequences. Success has consequences. The choices we make lead to things that happen. And, in this world, “happily ever after” isn’t really a thing.

So, I’ve mourned. I’ve grown. I’ve learned.

You can achieve dear reader. You can get through it. So, you might as well think at least a little about what happens when you succeed (so you can survive that!). You might not expect everything, dear reader, and that’s OK. That’s OK, as long as you learn and are better prepared the next time.

That’s it for this one dear reader. Until next time…

Learn from your failures, and your successes.


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