The final encounter


This week I ran into a story challenge that seemed interesting…

Matthew Wright challenged writers to write a really short (200 word) story inspired by the picture above. Here’s a link to the post.


here’s my shot at it…

The Final Encounter


Rodrick’s eyes were alive with green fire. Aelfrick could feel the heat of his hate, had it been actual fire Rodrick’s helm would have steamed in the rain.

Rodrick’s men had strayed across the line that had marked their boarder for the last hundred years.

Rodrick’s father had begun it. He turned from the old way, the old gods, to the religion of the Irish coast. His men had crossed the line to “preach the word”.

Then Rodrick came to convert by the sword. He too would fail.

They had fought for hours already, clashing and disengaging. Both were wounded. Both returned to the fight.

This would be the final time; the will of the gods, old or new.

Aelfrick swung his axe. It impacted Rodrick’s chest.  Rodrick’s sword pierced Aelfricks mail.

They fell together.

The rain turned brown. A wall of fizzing brown water drove them into the ground.

“The lid was loose” said a voice from the heavens.

“Fast food cups and writing,” said another.

“That part’s ruined.”

“So start again.”

Aelfrick stood looking into the green hate of Rodrick’s eyes. This time would be the last, the end.

That’s it for this one dear reader. Until next time…

Enjoy the story and create your own!


One thought on “The final encounter

  1. Very cool story with a great twist! When I took the photo it was VERY hot day, and the guys doing the combat demo – about 30 of them, all up – ended up pouring sweat and drinking plenty of water afterwards – and, I expect, followed by brown fizzy liquid a bit later in the day! Thank you for entering my story challenge.

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