Moments of Realization


Before we begin today’s post… I would like to acknowledge the tragic events in Belgium this week. My heart goes out to the victims, but that’s about all I’m going to say about that. I see no value in giving those who caused the events any more attention on this blog. People whose idea of ‘bravery’ is bombing the elderly and unarmed women and children aren’t worthy of the space and time. So on to other things…

Yesterday morning I came to a realization. It’s one that I’ve talked about here.It’s something that I’ve wanted to believe, but part of me, somewhere, never quite believed…

A while back I made a change. I started acknowledging myself as a professional freelance writer. My job was now “Writer” (see some of my earlier thoughts on that here…). But was it a real job? Was I really doing this professional writing thing or was I just doing?

Earlier this week I ran into a blogger who boldly proclaimed that people who sit in a restaurant with their writing gear and peer off with a ‘pondering expression’ aren’t really writers, they are posers…

The thing is, I consider myself a real writer. Some times I write at a restaurant. Sometimes I sit and ponder while I’m working out what to say, what new words to put down, or how to modify the words I’ve written.

Then Thursday morning it hit me. No, this is a real job. I am a real writer. I do writer things like putting words on pages and editing and pitching and research and all those other ‘writer’ things. But I’m also doing the ‘real job’ things: I set (and keep) deadlines; I set and achieve goals;  I manage; I communicate with business contacts (not just Facebook friends…). I have an actual bank account set aside for business stuff and that’s what the writing stuff (in and out) is linked to.

This is a real job. The difference between being a writer and most ‘real’ jobs is that I don’t have a boss to report to. I also really don’t have employees (thankfully, I don’t have pay employment taxes for my fictional characters (yet) )

From all of this week’s experiences I find the following to be true…

  1. Writing can be (and for me is) a real job.
  2. Writing is as much a real job as you choose to make it.
  3. If you are going to make it a real job. You have to put the time in on all the parts, the ‘writing stuff’ and the ‘job stuff’.
  4. All of that can look different depending on who you are and what you write.

As long as you are treating it as a job, and actually doing the job stuff, writing can be a real job. There may not be a literal time clock to punch (unless you make one for yourself!) but as your own boss, when you’re honest with yourself, you know how much time you spend on writing and marketing and all those other things you need to do. (And don’t forget education, especially if you don’t know what you need to do!)

That’s it for this one dear reader. Until next time…

It’s your life, make it your best.


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