The story goes on (and on the road)

There are times when you have to ask yourself “What do I do now?” There are times you have to ask yourself “How did I get into this?” At the moment I’m asking myself both these questions.

I’m asking myself those questions, but not necessarily answering them…

I am answering a question today though…

I’m answering…

What the heck is going on?

The catch is I’m not actually answering that for my self! Parts of that answer readers of this blog already know. I’m dealing with life and trying to get two books out by the end of the year. The rest of it I can’t satisfactorily answer for you now because I’m in the middle of answering it for myself.

Instead I will answer what’s going on for the central character of my NANOWRIMO novel Johnson Farm. This is something that I’ve mentioned by name here for months. I’ve been working on it for months: writing, editing, dreaming, scheming and pulling my hair out; but it isn’t until now that I’m really working up the courage to share it with any one.


The story of Johnson Farm…

It all starts when his great uncle dies… Johnathan Johnson is dragged out of his ‘normal’ life to go to the funeral of a man he’s never met, in a place he’s never been. That’s where the mysteries begin…
At first, John is fairly sure about his life. He knows what he wants and wants to do. He knows how his parents will disappoint him, and why. Then, on a farm in ‘darkest’ Idaho, John discovers that people aren’t always what they seem, that their motivations are more complex than he thinks.
Dad starts acting more like a sulky classmate than a father. His uncle Harley, who Dad refuses to talk about, is leaving hints and causing mayhem. And Uncle Theo, who everyone agrees is near perfect, seems a lot less than perfect to John.
Out of anger and then curiosity John sets out to explore and find answers. In the process he’s introduced to the grandparents he never met; the friends he’s always looked for; the girl that’s always looked for him; the fight that he has to win; and the accident…
Near the house sits ‘the coop’ which his father and uncles almost worship but will never speak of. By the pond is a stone that has no business there. In a bed lies the girl and her dream. Each is a clue and a door, but once John walks in can he get back out?

That’s it for today dear reader. Until next time…

Don’t be afraid of questions. Don’t be afraid of answers. It’s the not knowing that gets you.


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