Family is family (even when they’re different…)

I’ve had a couple of major things come up this week which I don’t really need to go into here; however, they are making it really had for me to do the post I would want to do today. So, I’m digging out something I first wrote last August when my wife and went to visit family in California…

It’s a funny thing dealing with families of different sizes, (or shapes or whatever other descriptor you want to put in…). For most of my life growing up I had been in a one child family; usually a one parent, one child family. My wife is the oldest of nine kids. We have rather different family experiences. Just the size of the families makes our experience different no matter what other factors are similar or different. Consider the example of going to a restaurant.

The two person family goes to the restaurant…

In a two person family experience you go to the restaurant and find out there is a wait…. You wait maybe fifteen minutes and then are seated. In five or ten minutes you order and a bout a half hour later you’re done, pay and go on your happy way. the whole thing took maybe an hour.

The eleven person family goes to the same restaurant…

First you have to get everyone together… that takes seven and a half minutes. In the process you’ve remembered something you forgot and get growled at for ‘adding’ another two and a half minutes.

You go to the restaurant and find out there’s a wait… you wait an hour and a half for a big enough table to open up. No problem, there are menus available so everybody figures out what they want while you wait. The table opens up and you are seated.

Even though everyone figured out what they want it takes twenty minutes to figure out what to order and another fifteen to order it. It takes longer to get your food, do at least in part to the goofs in the order (not really anyone’s fault it’s noisy and there’s a lot to write down/ remember).

It takes 45-60 minutes or so to eat because people are talking and then another ten minutes or so for the one who was really talking (in fairness 15-20 minutes of all that was trading parts of meals…). Then you figure out the check, pay and mosey to the parking lot…

Don’t get me wrong…

Seriously, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying big families are bad; it just seems like things take a lot longer to plan/organize/do (of course if you need somebody to help you move you’re probably set!).

Where ever you stand on gay marriage, inter racial marriage, adoption, abortion, or a host of other issues family is important and every family is unique.

The importance of families is underscored by the fact that brotherhoods, sisterhoods, fraternities, sororities, gangs and other simulations of families tend to sprout up where intact family units are hard to find (Note: an ‘intact’ family unit is a topic for another post).

That’s it for now dear reader. Till next time…

Call your mom / dad / brother / sister / child / whoever would ya!!!


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