I Thought Hard Before I Posted This…

I have given this one a good deal of thought but I want to say this…

Just over a week ago I was in a church meeting. I had the honor of watching men and women that I had trained doing their callings to the best of their ability, even though it was the end. By the next Sunday (yesterday) we would be divided up into new units and serving in new capacities.

I was really proud of my people. I realized that the pride I felt was the the same as that of an officer who sees his troops prevail in spite of the odds. It was that of a father who gets to see his sons and daughters stand on their own; to see them rise to become the great ones that they can be.

I remembered that years ago I was given a blessing in which I was blessed to have sons and daughters. Also in this blessing was the statement that I needed to train my sons and daughters for when I was gone. I have been blessed to have sons and daughters. And yet, my wife and I have no children, no literal physical children.

I realized that these are my children: the ones that I can teach and train; the ones who have need of me and can grow to be great. These will be my children.

If Lisa and I are given physical children in the future, then I accept that blessing. In the mean time this is my choice and my duty, to be a father to the fatherless and a teacher to those who would learn. To help where I can and lead where I can. To help those who are willing to become more than they are, even to become all that they can be.

This is my choice and my duty, the duty  my God gave to me, and I make no apology for it.

That’s it for this one dear reader. Until next time…

Take the time to be great



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