Let the revisions begin!

Ok that title’s a slight miss statement… the revisions, and the new year, have been going on for a week.

In addition to the usual beginning of the year stuff, this is the month I’m starting to do the editing for the novel Johnson Farm (The one I wrote as a NANOWRIMO project in November). The first draft of 58201 words (in 238 pages) really did come through in 22 days writing time, not counting Sundays. And I really did need to back away from it for a month before I started editing.

I think every writing project has it’s own quirks and challenges. So far this one has a real pattern in that I can predict which scenes will need more revision/editing based on which characters are involved. If my young hero is more or less on his own, or has one family member to contend with things go pretty well…

Unfortunately his father and his father’s two brothers are in the story…

For some reason when you put two or more of those characters in the same room they seem to not only bicker with each other, but they create headaches for me as a writer. Hero alone… fine. Hero and one of the others… mostly fine. Hero and two of the others… grab a seat kids this edit is going to take a while.

Sure, it’s a headache. Sure, at times I’d rather be doing something else (actually as I’m writing this post I should really be crossing out the first 2/3 of the first page of chapter 12 and writing the whole thing over…).

However, it’s also part of the fun. I like to keep a copy of the first draft so I can see how things have changed. How things have gotten better (and worse). And, how things I never expected pop in or are brought to light from the original.

One of the fun things about fiction writing is the act of discovery. Today I’m telling you the act of discovery doesn’t have to be done until the story is edited finished and ready to go.

And then you get to pass it off for someone else to discover while you go write the next one!

It’s your story. If you’re doing it right, you learn and grow as you write it, edit it and make it the best it can be. Hopefully it helps you to be the best you can be to.

That’s it for today dear reader…

Until next time, this works on life too!

PS the fracking story has actually grown about six hundred words in spite of the stuff that’s been cut and I’m just hitting the heavy lifting now…


One thought on “Let the revisions begin!

  1. The story did grow in the early editing, but has since shrunk back down a little. At the end of my Jan/Feb editing window it has actually shrunk by 2000 words and about three pages…
    But in the end I’m not overly worried either way because it all, up and down, made the story better

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