Shifting Gears

The month of December is actually turning out to be fairly hard. Last month was an all or nothing run on one project. This month I’m having to shift back to a project I’d set aside for the NANOWRIMO and simultaneously gear up for editing my NANOWRIMO novel: Johnson Farm next month.

Add Christmas, New Years, family stuff, and end of year stuff at church… Mix it a few medical wrinkles (who knew going off a medication had side effects (OK, I did, but theory versus reality you know). Mix it all together and you get a hard time to be a writer.

It’s life. It happens. You push through it and come out better on the other side.

One of the main things at a time like this is don’t give up. Slow down if you have to, but don’t stop. Keep your head up. Make a plan; figure out what you need to do and then go do it.

One of the truths about learning and growing is that there’s the pain of needing to learn and grow. And then there’s the learning and growing. And then there’s the adaptation to having learned and grown.

I will make it through. You, dear reader, will make it through.

Sometimes we do need to regroup and get things cleaned up so we can go again. It will work out.

Sometimes you have to accept that you’re weak. Accepting that you are weak is part of the process of growing strong.

Figure out what you need to do. Then, do it. It does get better.

In the meantime, that’s it for today dear reader. Until next time…

All the best to you and yours for Christmas or what ever holiday you hold dear.


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