Interesting question…

Here’s a question that came to me…

“Does writing on the blog affect your fiction writing?”

I thought about this, and yes it does. The blog affects my fiction writing in several ways.

If I work on just a words per day goal… say I decide to write 1000 words per day and then spend 600 on the blog. That would leave only 400 for the fiction. But, the 1000 words is a minimum. I can write more if I want to (this month I’ve averaged over 2000 a day just on the Novel…)

On the other hand, the blog gives me another avenue to look at and think about ideas and situations and to develop my thinking. This means that those ideas can be incorporated into my fiction in a more developed and thought out manner.

On the other other hand… it is a different kind of writing. Fiction and blog posts happen in different mental spaces, which means I can write one when the other isn’t quite pinging. This can distract (if you stick to the 1000 word goal) or it can ‘prime the pumps’ helping me get other stuff out of my head so I can be in a space to write fiction (or vice versa).

So, yes the blog affects my fiction. If I let it it’s a limiter. But, it also allows me to process and develop ideas to incorporate into the fiction.

They are also different kinds of writing, so they don’t necessarily conflict. I can do one when I’m not in the mental space to do the other.

In practice I think I (and others) have to take charge of what we are writing and make choices. Definitely follow your heart and write what’s on your mind, but you get to make some choices in terms of what form that takes. And, in any case some writing is better than no writing. Allowing yourself to be in the habit of writing blog posts is a lot closer to writing fiction that the habit of not writing. Some times it’s a lot easier to turn the flow of your words into a different course than to get it moving from zero.

That’s it for this one Dear Reader.

Until next time follow those dreams. Write and be healthy (I’m over 26,000 words this month and I haven’t wanted do bang my head against the wall once!)


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