New month, ‘new’ project, new adventure

As this goes up (October 30th 2015) I’m gearing up for one of the more interesting weeks of this year; Probably second only to the week I spent in the hospital last may; possibly more interesting.

Tomorrow, October 31, Halloween, my wife is leaving for a double conference trip. On Monday November 2, I’m doing my first official days writing on my NANOWRIMO project (the first being a Sunday and I have no official writing goals on Sundays…). This will be the starting week of a power project (almost 2000 words a day on this project alone in addition to blog posts/responsibilities, managing the end of my Kickstarter and my ongoing beasty known as research…). It will also be 1) the longest time that my wife and I have been apart since we were married and 2) the first time we’ve been apart since I was diagnosed with diabetes.

I guess it’s really time to put my money where my mouth is in terms of being able to handle my diagnosis solo…


The project I’ll be writing on is something that’s been on my mind for eight years, I have a one page write-up that I created eight years ago and that’s it to start from. I have an idea for a beginning and a remembered dream for a middle and an end. the usual big question is there… How do I get from the beginning to the end. This time there is also a new question, can I really do this in thirty days? I hope so!

I’ve been growing as a writer and this is a fitting test. I feel like a winner either way.

Diagnosis, dear wife and distance…

This will really be the longest we’ve been apart since we got married and the first time we’ve been apart since my diagnosis. It’s actually kind of scary. But, there are things we can do, and things we can put in place, that will make it work (or at least make it survivable).

Communication is key in a relationship, and knowing is half the battle. I know that the times I will be most worried are when my wife is traveling between conferences and home to conference… Answer, she calls or texts between planes/shuttles and when she gets to her hotels. I do the same when it’s my turn.

I think she will be most worried about me at night (and she’s confirmed the thinking). Will my sugar go low with no one around? Will I get to sleep without her beside me? The solution (at least partly) is that we will keep the good habits in place. I will stay conscientious about my meds and tests and I will call her to say good night and to wake her up in the morning.

I will make a point to talk to her about what I’m doing to take care of myself, the house and the projects I’m working on. We have not missed a single night talking/praying together since we got engaged and we won’t miss one now.

Knowing is better than worrying; our imaginations are pretty good at creating worst case scenarios.

Then there’s actually doing it…

Doing the writing… taking care of myself without burning down the house… it all has to get done. I suspect some friends will check on me from time to time (the minefield flags wouldn’t keep them out of the yard so why would Halloween decorations?).

In reality I think having the big project start the week my wife is gone is a good thing. It lets me get a good start on things, get a good roll going, and gives me something to report on when talking to her at night. It also keeps me busy and relatively out of trouble (Yes Idaho, for once you don’t have to worry about me burning the city down while my wife’s gone (well not on purpose at least 😉 ).

In general I think this is going to be fun. To find out what it’s really like tune in next week!

That’s it for this one dear reader. Until next time…

Take care of your loved ones and yourselves.


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