Dreams, Reality and Kickstarter

So, last week I posted about a Kickstarter that I started: https://wordsmeanstuff.wordpress.com/2015/10/16/a-very-special-day/

No, I am not going to sell anyone on pledging to the Kickstarter here today! My intention is no more to encourage pledges than one of my diabetes posts is meant to encourage you to develop serious health problems… What I’m talking about today is the process and emotion (emotional process?) of doing a Kickstarter.

It always seems like a good idea, at first…

Let’s face it, if we didn’t think somebody would contribute we would never put a project up on Kickstarter. Why do something we know will fail? (There may be reasons, and there can be benefits from a failed project (if you do it right!) but that’s a topic for another day)

So you put this thing together and you put it out there… In our fantasy world where we came up with the idea everybody loves the project and it’s funded within days and we’re happy. Reality doesn’t always agree with our fantasy. The project might not take off right away. It may not take off at all. It may take off and then fall short. It may go all the way and then you end up in hot water because you cant hold up your end of the bargain. There’s a lot that can happen out there.

Sure, Farangian, but…

Sure, you’re one of the smart ones, so am I. I read reams of information before I worked out my campaign. I made spreadsheets. I asked people to look it over. I made a video. I spent the first five days of my campaign looking at  zero pledges and zero dollars raised.

There are still things to be learned about dealing with people, about your product, about the process, and about your network.

Sure, Farangian, but… #2

“I have a great network, tons of Facebook friends and an e-mail list”… Great, you have the people, but do they like what you’re putting out? Do you know how to target the right parts of your network? Do you know what to say to motivate the people in your network? Is your product good? Do you know how to represent it and yourself well?

How we present things is kind of important.If you say your product solves a problem and it doesn’t, that’s bad. If it does solve a problem and nobody can see or read about it, people looking for a solution to that problem may skip over your campaign.

If you look and sound irritating, elitist, or scammy, you’re probably going to drive people away. Sure, the real elite may associate with elitists, but are they hanging around Kickstarter waiting to fund your project?

The conclusion, for now

Sure, a Kickstarter is about getting funds for a project, but if you do it right it’s also about the thought going into your project; and what you can learn about you, your project and the process. If you keep these things in mind the only real failed Kickstarter project is the one you threw up without thinking.

My project is still going and I’m actually learning from it; including figuring out what to do if it doesn’t work… If you never take the opportunity it can’t work. If you don’t think when you’re taking the opportunity your risks go up and your benefits go down.  If you have a little humility and take the time to think and learn before, during and after the process you will benefit whether your project funds or not!

That’s it for now dear reader. Until next time…

Dream a little bigger than you can do right now and then grow to make it happen.

P.S. here’s the link to that Kickstarter just in case you’re curios… my chainmail book Kickstarter.


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