Have I become or am I becoming?

Have I become or am I becoming?

The answer is an emphatic yes!

I wanted to be a writer. I have become a writer. I do writer things. I put words on paper and on screen. I edit those words, those thoughts and ideas, to make them clearer, sharper, better. I worry about things like subtext, typography, cover design and distribution. I know what meta data is and I’m trying to use it better.

I am still becoming as a writer. I am learning new things: new software, new styles, how to keep and break the rules at the same time. I am learning about our world, the worlds I’m creating and the people and things in them. I am developing my voice and my talent. I am learning to say things that need saying. I am learning to think new things while keeping my feet firmly planted in truth.

As a young missionary, one of my companions said, “It’s good to be green, it mean’s you’re growing.” That was true. It still is true and not just as a missionary. You are either growing and living or decaying and dying. Nothing really stays the same.

With growth comes pain but, decay comes with pain too; you may just be too gone to feel it. Use your pain for good. It will be in your world at some time and in some way. Use it for good. Use it for growth. Use it to lead you to new heights and new things.

I have become and yet I am still becoming. And so, dear reader, can you.

Till next time all my best.


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