New month, ‘new’ project, new adventure

As this goes up (October 30th 2015) I’m gearing up for one of the more interesting weeks of this year; Probably second only to the week I spent in the hospital last may; possibly more interesting.

Tomorrow, October 31, Halloween, my wife is leaving for a double conference trip. On Monday November 2, I’m doing my first official days writing on my NANOWRIMO project (the first being a Sunday and I have no official writing goals on Sundays…). This will be the starting week of a power project (almost 2000 words a day on this project alone in addition to blog posts/responsibilities, managing the end of my Kickstarter and my ongoing beasty known as research…). It will also be 1) the longest time that my wife and I have been apart since we were married and 2) the first time we’ve been apart since I was diagnosed with diabetes.

I guess it’s really time to put my money where my mouth is in terms of being able to handle my diagnosis solo…


The project I’ll be writing on is something that’s been on my mind for eight years, I have a one page write-up that I created eight years ago and that’s it to start from. I have an idea for a beginning and a remembered dream for a middle and an end. the usual big question is there… How do I get from the beginning to the end. This time there is also a new question, can I really do this in thirty days? I hope so!

I’ve been growing as a writer and this is a fitting test. I feel like a winner either way.

Diagnosis, dear wife and distance…

This will really be the longest we’ve been apart since we got married and the first time we’ve been apart since my diagnosis. It’s actually kind of scary. But, there are things we can do, and things we can put in place, that will make it work (or at least make it survivable).

Communication is key in a relationship, and knowing is half the battle. I know that the times I will be most worried are when my wife is traveling between conferences and home to conference… Answer, she calls or texts between planes/shuttles and when she gets to her hotels. I do the same when it’s my turn.

I think she will be most worried about me at night (and she’s confirmed the thinking). Will my sugar go low with no one around? Will I get to sleep without her beside me? The solution (at least partly) is that we will keep the good habits in place. I will stay conscientious about my meds and tests and I will call her to say good night and to wake her up in the morning.

I will make a point to talk to her about what I’m doing to take care of myself, the house and the projects I’m working on. We have not missed a single night talking/praying together since we got engaged and we won’t miss one now.

Knowing is better than worrying; our imaginations are pretty good at creating worst case scenarios.

Then there’s actually doing it…

Doing the writing… taking care of myself without burning down the house… it all has to get done. I suspect some friends will check on me from time to time (the minefield flags wouldn’t keep them out of the yard so why would Halloween decorations?).

In reality I think having the big project start the week my wife is gone is a good thing. It lets me get a good start on things, get a good roll going, and gives me something to report on when talking to her at night. It also keeps me busy and relatively out of trouble (Yes Idaho, for once you don’t have to worry about me burning the city down while my wife’s gone (well not on purpose at least 😉 ).

In general I think this is going to be fun. To find out what it’s really like tune in next week!

That’s it for this one dear reader. Until next time…

Take care of your loved ones and yourselves.


Dreams, Reality and Kickstarter

So, last week I posted about a Kickstarter that I started:

No, I am not going to sell anyone on pledging to the Kickstarter here today! My intention is no more to encourage pledges than one of my diabetes posts is meant to encourage you to develop serious health problems… What I’m talking about today is the process and emotion (emotional process?) of doing a Kickstarter.

It always seems like a good idea, at first…

Let’s face it, if we didn’t think somebody would contribute we would never put a project up on Kickstarter. Why do something we know will fail? (There may be reasons, and there can be benefits from a failed project (if you do it right!) but that’s a topic for another day)

So you put this thing together and you put it out there… In our fantasy world where we came up with the idea everybody loves the project and it’s funded within days and we’re happy. Reality doesn’t always agree with our fantasy. The project might not take off right away. It may not take off at all. It may take off and then fall short. It may go all the way and then you end up in hot water because you cant hold up your end of the bargain. There’s a lot that can happen out there.

Sure, Farangian, but…

Sure, you’re one of the smart ones, so am I. I read reams of information before I worked out my campaign. I made spreadsheets. I asked people to look it over. I made a video. I spent the first five days of my campaign looking at  zero pledges and zero dollars raised.

There are still things to be learned about dealing with people, about your product, about the process, and about your network.

Sure, Farangian, but… #2

“I have a great network, tons of Facebook friends and an e-mail list”… Great, you have the people, but do they like what you’re putting out? Do you know how to target the right parts of your network? Do you know what to say to motivate the people in your network? Is your product good? Do you know how to represent it and yourself well?

How we present things is kind of important.If you say your product solves a problem and it doesn’t, that’s bad. If it does solve a problem and nobody can see or read about it, people looking for a solution to that problem may skip over your campaign.

If you look and sound irritating, elitist, or scammy, you’re probably going to drive people away. Sure, the real elite may associate with elitists, but are they hanging around Kickstarter waiting to fund your project?

The conclusion, for now

Sure, a Kickstarter is about getting funds for a project, but if you do it right it’s also about the thought going into your project; and what you can learn about you, your project and the process. If you keep these things in mind the only real failed Kickstarter project is the one you threw up without thinking.

My project is still going and I’m actually learning from it; including figuring out what to do if it doesn’t work… If you never take the opportunity it can’t work. If you don’t think when you’re taking the opportunity your risks go up and your benefits go down.  If you have a little humility and take the time to think and learn before, during and after the process you will benefit whether your project funds or not!

That’s it for now dear reader. Until next time…

Dream a little bigger than you can do right now and then grow to make it happen.

P.S. here’s the link to that Kickstarter just in case you’re curios… my chainmail book Kickstarter.

A Very Special Day…

I try to find something good, and do something good, every day. Some days are harder than others and some are more memorable than others. today is one of the memorable ones…

I’m going to put something out here and then ask for some help.

What am I talking about?

Well, I’m launching a Kickstarter for a book I’m putting out.


This is something I’m putting out on my own. This is something I’ve been talking about; writing about; waking up in the middle of the night about; for nearly five months now.

I’m putting the Kickstarter page here: my chainmail book Kickstarter. If you can help with money that’s great, it really is, but there is something that could be even more helpful. If you know someone who likes making things; if you know someone who would be interested in something like this, pass this on. I thank you in advance.

I’m posting this here not just because it fits with things I like to talk about here (writing, diabetes, making and doing, positive choices), but because the people who read this are a pretty smart crowd (with both book and real life knowledge). I really value your opinions and what you have to say about this stuff. I wanted to share with you.

You, dear reader, are someone with challenges and experience overcoming challenges. that is worth something.

You are people who know people, people with likes, dislikes, desires and challenges in their lives. if you know someone that this book or the idea could be helpful for; or just someone who might be interested in it, you could really be helping them and me by passing this on.

Same token other side…

I am also willing to support and promote projects you want to accomplish (which will sound better after I have a few more public successes, but I’m willing to try even now…).

I haven’t done nearly as well thanking people for likes or otherwise being a good person here, but now as the insanity leading up to putting this out has subsided I’m getting back to being able to do that better.

I really am willing to support  and help you in making your projects go.

That’s it for today dear reader,

Until next time…

Will this crazy thing really work (and thanks for your help in making it happen)


P.S. Here’s that link again if you missed it… Farangian’s crazy project book link

Have I become or am I becoming?

Have I become or am I becoming?

The answer is an emphatic yes!

I wanted to be a writer. I have become a writer. I do writer things. I put words on paper and on screen. I edit those words, those thoughts and ideas, to make them clearer, sharper, better. I worry about things like subtext, typography, cover design and distribution. I know what meta data is and I’m trying to use it better.

I am still becoming as a writer. I am learning new things: new software, new styles, how to keep and break the rules at the same time. I am learning about our world, the worlds I’m creating and the people and things in them. I am developing my voice and my talent. I am learning to say things that need saying. I am learning to think new things while keeping my feet firmly planted in truth.

As a young missionary, one of my companions said, “It’s good to be green, it mean’s you’re growing.” That was true. It still is true and not just as a missionary. You are either growing and living or decaying and dying. Nothing really stays the same.

With growth comes pain but, decay comes with pain too; you may just be too gone to feel it. Use your pain for good. It will be in your world at some time and in some way. Use it for good. Use it for growth. Use it to lead you to new heights and new things.

I have become and yet I am still becoming. And so, dear reader, can you.

Till next time all my best.