Back to My Roots and On to the Future

One of the most interesting things I learned in high school is the difference between Asian and Aristotelian logic. As my teacher put it Aristotelian logic is a circle, you come back to where you started. In Asian logic it’s more of a corkscrew effect; you can go full circle, but you’re never really where you started.

I really felt the ‘Asian Logic’ effect on my recent trip to California. We had dinner at Red Robin, and I’ll admit I got bitter at one point. I remembered going to this same  Red Robin before, eight years ago. I realized that the conversation that I had had with my wife the last time I was there was about a story I wanted to write. Well… that story is one that I’m turning into a nanorimo project in a few months. Gee, big progress in eight years…

I had really wanted to be farther along writing that this when I came back here. I growled and stewed, and then I realized I am farther along! That project hasn’t moved yet; however, I have at least one (if not two) non fiction books that will be out by the end of the year. I have a novella in edits. I’m in the middle of a short story collection, writing two blogs and I have several other projects on my list that didn’t exist eight years ago. I am making progress. I am doing better. I just had to take a step back and see it.

Sometimes we seem like we’ve ended up back where we started. But, in reality we’ve learned, grown, and changed. We’re here, but we are different from the last time we were here.

Sometimes we stall. When we do we need to find a way to move forward. I hope to have more on that thought and some exciting news next week…

That’s if for this post dear reader. Till next time…

You can do it!


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