Different day, different way of seeing

Yeah, um…

My post from yesterday may have been a little harsh…

It certainly isn’t the tone I like to set here.

But, there were also things in there that need to be said.

Do keep good records and stand up for yourself when you’re right, but don’t give up on life and the good in people.

Today was almost the opposite experience from the one in yesterday’s post. Today I got to go to a local art festival and talk to a lot of creative people. Sure there were a few out there that were pretty mercenary, but there were a lot of people who love the stuff they do and like to share that with others. Whether their arts and ideas were similar or different, points of commonality led to some good conversations and potentially lasting connections. There really is good in the world no matter how dark it seem some days.

So dear reader, sorry if I was a bit snarly yesterday.

Until next time: Deal with the bad. Remember the good. And, have a better day.


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