An All Too Rare Event

Usually I post here on Fridays (part of the plan. I am not putting you off till last dear reader!), but today is one of those days that I find myself staring at the screen.

I’m looking at something entirely too rare: the title page of a book, with my title on it. I look farther down the page to see the written by line and realize it’s me! Then, the realization hits, “Oh my god, this thing is actually happening. I’ve been saying it’s coming out this year and… it is!”

I sit there in stunned silence considering that this thing I’ve been working on, swearing at, and generally entwining my life with is actually becoming a book. One that is available at an actual retailer. One that somebody might actually buy and read!

Then the next wave hits… I haven’t written the dedication yet! No, that image isn’t right. Where is the other one? What is that %$#$@$#%^#$%!!! hyphen doing there?

It does settle down. It will all work out. And, somebody is actually going to pay money for something I wrote.

I’m not going to say that that’s what makes it all worth it, but it certainly helps! The reality is I love it. I love doing it: the process, the pain, the whole thing. The book being released and people reading it is a real rush and tremendous validation. But I love the writing too.

Sure, reviews and reviewers may be scary. Sure critics may whine and rave, but I’ve said something. I’ve done something. I’ve made something. I have had an impact on the world.

One of the questions people ask is, “Are you going to write another one?”

My answer is a line from Shogun, “It is over until it begins again.” The truth is, pieces of the next one are already on my desk, and the seeds of the one after that. And then there is my notebook stack…

I’m not saying much about what is in it now, but…


It is coming.

That’s it for this post dear reader.

Until next time: it can happen… it does happen… and you can do it too.


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