Back from Beyond and Still Being There

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve recently taken a week off from this blog (and a few other projects) to take a ride through the desert on my horse with no name. As the song says when I made it to the sea shore I found many things, things that are food for my fiction and non fiction writing. I also found a diagnosis that makes my Type 2 Diabetes look down right cute and Cuddly!

My mother has been diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative disorder that caused you to loose control of your muscles over time. My mom’s case is really fast moving. The level of muscle control loss she’s seen in the eight months takes 3-5 years in a ‘normal’ case of ALS. Loosing that much of one’s mobility and freedom that fast should be scary to anyone.

As scary and frustrating as the ALS diagnosis is… that’s not the really frustrating part. The really frustrating part is that ALS is a sort of selective nerve degeneration. My mother can not move her legs and can barely move her hands, but she feels pain in all her limbs. And, since she’s not really eating much, or using her muscles, there’s not really a whole lot of padding or ‘pain resistant’ material on any of her limbs.This means that laying around hurts! And having people help her move hurts. When people are rough or non-conscientious it really hurts, and she can’t do much about it.

This brings me right back to one of the big themes here at WMS; people need to thinks, observe and understand. It is insufficient to merely run on assumptions. Sure assumptions may be right a lot of the time; however, even if an assumption is right 90% of the time, it is wrong 10% of the time. That 10% has to show up in reality (say 10% of the time?).

I guess I’m actually invoking the old golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you want to be treated as an individual, treat others as individuals. If you don’t, and ‘they’ don’t… well, you really don’t have grounds to complain.

Not everyone who can’t move their legs can’t feel pain. Not everyone who has diabetes ‘inflicted it upon themselves’. Not everyone of minority X shares belief Y.

Of course if you are going to live up to the stereotype, you really can’t complain about it being applied to you. It’s your life and your choice.

Very few things will cause more distress and aggravation for yourself and others than making bad assumptions; think then act; learn then choose. There are times when you do have to make snap decisions, but the rest of the time they can cause more problems than they cure.

That’s it for today dear reader. Till next time…

Be healthy. Be safe. Be smart.


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