Minor Achievements While ‘Away’

For years (and years (and years (OK, lets face it, when it started the 1980s were in fashion for the first time))) when I’ve traveled I’ve always carried and played some sort of Role Playing Game (RPG).  Well, I didn’t do it this time. Just cloths, two novels (I read part of one of them), diabetes supplies, and five wire bound notebooks (blank).

On this trip I’ve managed to:

  1. Keep my blood sugar readings comparatively low. With one exception they have stayed under 125 without insulin, with my mother in the hospital, and with a hoard of in-laws floating around. I succeeded in this in-spite of most of the cooking and restaurant choices (not to mention times for eating, sleeping, exercise, etc.) being out of my control. The one higher number (a 143) was on a Sunday where I got no exercise and was faced with a family dinner with all of the assembled in-laws including my mother in-law’s mother in-law.
  2. I controlled my stress without RPGs entirely.
  3. I managed to get my diabetes supplies through the trip with a minimum of trouble (OK, I did have to point out that leaving insulin out in a black car in 102 degree weather was a bad idea). In spite of the stories I’ve heard, the TSA people weren’t a problem.
  4. Looking at it as an average, I actually exceed my 1000 words a day writing goal on the trip. Sure I only made about half of my goal the day I was flying, but I made it up on the next day and on Saturday I more than doubled my goal.

I honestly believe that the writing was the key, and not just with ending up with over a thousand words a day. Writing helped me cope where role play used to. Writing helped me keep my stress under control, which helped me keep my blood sugar under control and kept me from freaking out on TSA people, hospital people, in-laws, and all the other interesting denizens of Los Angels California.

Writing as therapy, I not only believe in it… I’ve proved it (on a personal level at least).

Until next post dear reader… write on!


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