The Walkaway Point

Into every life some rain must fall, and every project must have a certain level of irritation. Sorry not my rule, the universe it’s self seems to have come up with that one…

There comes a time where you have to ask yourself “Is it really worth working on this?” Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no, and sometimes the answer is “not right now!” It can be difficult to tell which is which some times. It can also be rather important. Making the right choice can mean doing something really good and/or worthwhile. Making the wrong choice can mean a waste of time and materials, or just end in a plain old disaster.

Sometimes the project is worth doing, but you are at a mental or physical place where you end up doing more harm than good. And, sometimes the project is worth doing, but something else is more important, or more worth doing. This is what I call the ‘walkaway point’; that point where, yes the project is good, but you need to walk a way from it for a while.

Walking away can be good. You can come back with fresh eyes and fresh ideas. You can gain some distance and perspective. You can get rid of other things that might overshadow and/or bias the work. However, walking away can also mean more time getting started again, and it means you have to make sure to come back and start again; the world is littered with incomplete projects.

Ultimately you have to know yourself and your project and make the best choice. I can assure you even projects that are really worth it can torque you off occasionally, and when they do you have to decide whether taking a break or ‘playing through the pain’ is the best option. The point is to know your options and choose the best one, even if it’s walking away for a while.

That’s it for today dear reader…

Till next time, make your own choices.

P.S. I probably will not be posting next week as I have several publishing deadlines, a parent in the hospital,  and some in-laws that really want to see us… Hmm… Choices…


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