Sometimes You Win…

In my little corner of the universe yesterday kind of started out in the ‘less than desirable’ vein. When I woke up my knee was screaming at me (old soccer injury); my wife was irritable (old “it’s morning” injury); and I really didn’t want to get up (bad sign for a morning person). Things did not improve as the toaster didn’t work right; traffic was… less than intelligent; and my schedule was rapidly sliding off track.

By the time I was working on the bike project I had run out of swear words and was inventing new ones just for the occasion. Then it happened… I figured out not only what the last owner had done to the breaks, but how to fix them. There were a few more oaths to the gods of war and research before I was done, but I did it. My bike was a bike again!

I lost a little ground when I discovered that I had forgotten to give my doctor a key piece of information. I chose to take positive action and sent him the information and rephrased my question a little better. He sent back the very best answer I could hope for. I could be done with insulin injections as early as next Tuesday. (Note… I’ve still got the diabetes diagnosis going. I’m just reaching a point that I can (hopefully) control it with diet, exercise and oral meds rather than stabbing myself repeatedly…)

By then it is after lunch and I’m sitting down to do some corrections and office work type writing stuff (Joy…). Actually, it really turned out to be a joy as: 1) I got the numbers/publishing end part of a book squared away, 2) found the answer to an annoying software problem, and 3) found I had a multi page section of new material that was actually error free after the first pass!

Today’s message is simply this: even if your day really sucks don’t give up. Keep working. Keep fighting. Stay in the game of life and stay alive. Because, sometimes you win.

That’s it for today dear reader. Till next time I’m wishing you all the best.


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