On Tips and Tipping

Earlier this week I was reading the news paper (I know I know…reading a paper instead of believing what ever happens to be on the front page of Yahoo? How dare I???). I read that tipping in restaurants is dieing out. The author blamed the rising minimum wage and increasing prices. Maybe, maybe not…

The reality is that the author missed something. It isn’t necessarily tipping that is dieing out. At least in some areas it’s customer service that is dieing out, and that leads to lower or no tips. The reality is, I know a number of people who tip and are willing to tip well, for good service and good attitudes.

I’ve worked in restaurants and I understand what busy is. if the restaurant is slammed I understand that; but, if there are more servers than customers I shouldn’t have to be looking at an empty soda glass for half an hour. The same thing goes for the ‘pick up your order at the counter’ class of restaurants. If the person at the counter has a positive attitude and gives good service, no problem I’ll punk some cash into the tip jar. But, if he she gives me the ‘why are you bothering me?’ look when I’m the only customer in the place I’m not sure I want to order, much less give him/her extra money. I like tipping. Tipping makes me feel like a big shot, but tips are for good service and good attitudes.

Sadly I think the customer service issue goes past tipping and restaurants. I should not have to walk into my bank to deposit a check and have the teller look at me like I’m speaking Norwegian (unless I’m in Norway, then it’s alright). I think a lot of us have been or will be providers of customer service at some point. Treating people well generally makes things better for you (yes, there are sociopaths…but the other 99.x% of people react well).

This goes for you customers too. Stand up for yourself when you need to, but you don’t need to be an jerk. If you are calm and positive (maybe even nice…) it makes other people willing to do things for you. It honestly helps.

That’s it for today dear reader. Until next time (as my grandmother in law would say): Be nice; Be kind; Be good.


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