The more things change…

The more things change…

The more they stay the same

The more chances you have to apply your skills and ideas

The more you learn

Any or all of the above in combination.

Two weeks ago yesterday I went to my Dr to get a prescription for a sinus infection, I also asked for a diabetes test because I just had to ask the question “what would be the most inconvenient thing to get into the middle of everything that’s going on right now?”. The next Monday I was in the hospital due to diabetes complications and at least two other problems that had kind of teamed up. That one took me a week to get away from…

Actually some would say that I haven’t gotten away from it as I have to do “diabetes things” like count carbs, test blood sugars and take medications. The thing is that, yes it’s a change. Yes, at the moment it’s cramping my style. But, it’s also an opportunity to learn new things and look at choice, change and meaning in a different light.

Diabetes is part of my story now, but as I said at the hospital I don’t want it to be my only story. My wife and my life are still here. I am still interested in all the stuff I’ve talked about on this blog and will continue to explore and talk about these things. I’m just adding a new frame of reference (that I don’t have to talk about all the time.)

Relating to that, I will be adding a diabetes page here. That way those who are interested in those thoughts and experiences can read/talk about them and those who aren’t interested can deal with other things. It will not be a recipes page or a research numbery page, a complaining page, or even a how to page… it will be examining and talking about experience and meaning and how these things affect and are affected by an aspect of your life (kind of like the rest of the page but with less carbs). Like I said the other stuff will still be here too, I’m not a one story guy.

I’m not setting a hard schedule at this point as to what I’m writing when. I’m still working on nailing things down and things will go as they go. I will say that this week it has been really hard to write/talk about things other than health and diabetes, but part of that is that I’m learning a lot in that part (and that’s the part people keep talking/asking about). The good news for me is that some of my fiction characters are getting really impatient to tell their stories, which generally have nothing to do with diagnoses or illness at all.

Till next time: live life, find meaning, have adventures and do good. As for me I’m going to go live and write stories!


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