Oye what a week!

Well, this post should be coming from a conference in Seattle, but my wife caught something or other and got over it Monday, so of course I got it Tuesday… This resulted in my wife being faced with a hard choice, go to the conference with out me or stay home. Ultimately she made the hard call and stayed here.

Lisa responded to the situation professionally and I don’t think not going has hurt her (actually showing how she can deal with problems may have helped!). I know that it has been the right choice for us and our relationship because we now have a couple of days of time just for us…

Sometimes the choices we make are hard… values can conflict! The important thing is to make the best choice. If you are a believer seek guidance from God. Really take a look at what’s most important and make that choice. You will be rewarded.

Well, till next time,

take care and god bless.


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