Changing your environment (probably part 1…)

Nope, I’m not wading into the global warming debate… my daddy told me you can never win an argument about politics or region… and global warming is both politics and religion.

I’m talking about your personal environment.

My wife and I have been talking a lot about research lately (she is working on a doctorate…). One of her concerns is that a lot of people at the university get stuck in  a particular journal or database and if the research isn’t listed there, “it doesn’t exist”. This is yet another flavor of the dreaded “not invented here” syndrome.

I’d like to think psychologist and artists (my areas of interest) aren’t as stuck in this rut; but it can happen here too. Actually, speaking of psychology, some of the places I really see being stuck in a rut (or one’s personal environment…) are problem solving and depression.

Some times, whether it’s your next research paper; next novel; next business deal; next painting/sculpture; next math problem; or just feeling better about yourself, the answer is to change where you are mentally or physically. I’m not going to try to cover all the ways this change can go right now, so for this post this is the main point folks: sometimes a change (even temporarily) is good.

Changing where you are, something about where you are, or what you’re doing does several things for you. It creates an opening for new information and new thoughts. It gives the part of your brain that is working on whatever a chance to rest. It gives you a diversion that can allow your mind to bring down the doubts, barriers, and blocks that are keeping you from finding the answers (why do you think so many ideas happen in the shower and not at the desk).

Having your work/living space (both mental and physical) is good and can be optimized for the way you work, but sometimes you need to get out (Hard to have a voyage of discovery if you never leave the dock).

You might want to empower yourself to change your space too.  Just changing the lighting around in my office or workshop sometimes makes a difference (not to mention putting stuff away, taking our the trash, or just opening a window).

If what your doing is working keep doing it, but sooner or later change is needed.

The change may be big or small, but if you’re stuck change something (right here I was going to put another quote, but I was stuck on which one to use… I changed plans and used my own words). The changes don’t always have to be big… unlocking a door isn’t a big movement but it’s pretty important to actually opening the door. Some times it is the little changes that make the big ones possible.

You have the power to affect and control your life and environment. Sometimes it’s a step at a time thing. Some times you have to figure it out before you do it, but you do have the power.


Well dear reader, that’s the post for this week. More to say on the topic but for now it’s time to change to another project.

See you next week


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