If you’re going to walk on thin ice…

There’s an old saying, “If you’re going to walk on thin ice you might as well dance. One interpretation of this is if you’re going to do something risky you might as well have fun doing it. Another would be, if you’re going to do something really do it. This seems to be my theme for the week.

Sure, other people and things may cause headaches and problems. Sure, there are things beyond our control. But, how many of our problems occur simply because we didn’t take the time to do what needs to be done?

This is a problem that touches on everything we do, writing, workshop projects, day jobs, even relationships. This week I was going over an E-publishing deal and the contract goes into specific detail about using the right tools to insert pictures and not just cutting and pasting. Why? The same reason my wife teaches professors to use their learning management system (lms) tools appropriately for on line classes, taking a couple seconds more to do it right can save hours of cleaning up junk code. Sure some people may get paid to do it, but as a writer I’m self employed; not taking a couple seconds costs me money!

It’s the same story as an artist or crafts person: some shop gorilla starts flipping switches before they really know what they’re doing and expensive equipment and chemicals pay the price. Usually these are simple fix things like taking a second to tighten a clamp or make sure you’re flipping the right switch on a power panel.

Not paying attention and being engaged in relationships is a never ending source of pain and drama. This one is especially fun because not only will your own inattention, rushing or lack of understanding come back to haunt you, but add in the siblings/in laws/etc and there’s no end to the drama possibilities (and some family and friends are only too happy to replay them for you).

The take home for today dear readers is to try to live “in the now” that’s not to say you shouldn’t take time to dream and plan for the future, just don’t try to do that and something that needs your attention right now.

Plan, dream, look to the future, but don’t do it at the cost of breaking things you didn’t mean to break here and now. Otherwise, your going to be fixing past mistakes instead of enjoying that future you were thinking/planning/dreaming about.

You can choose what you do. You can choose how you do things. Choosing your results is a bit harder. Lets choose to do well.



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