Reality and what’s really worth it…

I made a commitment to myself that I was going to post to this blog every week, specifically that I would post on Fridays. Well, this week I have no idea if I will have computer access on Friday, so I’m posting early.

I would love to have a deep thought provoking post, but this isn’t the week for it. I serve as a clerk in my church and my two assistants are both working heavy hours this week which means I needed to step up to do the clerk stuff myself. My wife and my mother in law are both stressed (my wife due to working on a doctoral dissertation, working, church duties and a family reunion; and my mother in law, all of the above except for the doctorate). In the midst of it all my kitchen drain goes out to such a level that I had to call in a professional (I make shiny stuff with stone, fire and metal and this was above my ability to deal…).

Life is a stressful thing. I really want to tell stories and how to’s that help people and make people think; things that give people hope and expand knowledge. Sometimes, in order to do that you have to take care of yourself… by all means help people! It’s part of what we’re here for, but don’t do it to the point that you burn yourself out  or kill yourself in the process (OK, there are times to do that, but I don’t really foresee throwing myself in front of a bus to save a child, or on a grenade to save my squad in this week’s schedule!).

Some days, some times, you need to make sure you and the ones you value most are OK, then you can go out and save the world.

As far as how this applies to words and writing… sometimes you need to write to get the words/thoughts/feelings out, and sometimes you need to get things done, get the words/thought/feelings under control in order to write. It pays to know which is which, and this week is definitely the second kind.

So, this week I’m going to say my piece (I think I just did!), which in this case is also saying my peace, and then I’m going to go help my wife with the things she needs right now. The reunion will get over, the drain issue will be fixed and cleaned up (actually for mine I cleaned up already), and I will be back here next week with something interesting and thought provoking to say (The dissertation… well… that one we’re giving ourselves a year on (and I’m going to be patient because before too long it’s my turn!)).

Take care gentle reader and see you next week!


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