This is going to be fun!

Words mean stuff, that’s not just a blog title it’s a fact. Words are symbols. Whether you write them on a page, put them on a screen, say them aloud or sign them with your fingers. They have meaning, meanings that can change and morph depending on the situation (the context), the person presenting (saying/writing/signing/whatever) them, or the person receiving (hearing/reading/seeing/whatever) them.

Words and their meanings are amazing things. A lifetime of interaction can be summed up by four letters (love, hate, want, need…). And yet, a simple concrete word like table can be incredibly hard to define. I have seen a room full of graduate students unable to find an all inclusive, definitive definition of that word!

Words are a key component of language. Language is an inescapable part of human existence. If you’re reading this, chances are you do most of you thinking in a language. That means you use language to communicate with yourself, not just to communicate with others. Language binds us and bonds us (ok, remember when I said meanings can change… that sentence has at least two valid meanings depending on the situation). Learning more languages or becoming more literate and/or fluent in the languages we know has a real effect on the way we thing (trust me on this one; not only do I have the personal experience, but I ran the statistics). It is true that we both learn language and use language to learn.

We also create language and use language to create. We change the meaning of words, create new words, and use our words to create our world. Not only do we create stories and agreements, but we use language to get the information, funds, tools and supplies to create physical things.

We use words to create relationships. Some relationships create children. We use words to create us.  If that isn’t enough creation for you… how many of our worlds creation stories are begun when a deity speaks (‘Let there be light’ any one?)

This blog is about these things: words, creativity, creation, education, meaning, understanding… It is not about politics as that word is often used. It may be about religion as I do believe in something greater than myself. I also believe that as we come to know god and act on what we learn we have the potential to become more than what we are. So, yes at times there will be philosophies of men mingled with scripture (religion), but this is not the place for the philosophies of men mixed with delusion and hubris (politics).

To borrow from Peter Jackson (who adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien) this is a place for things that were, things that are, and things that yet may be.

In starting this blog I start a journey of thought and discovery. You are welcome to join me, or not. You are welcome to agree with me, or not. You may persuade me, or I may persuade you. However, you may not defame me, abuse me, or silence me. And I will not do so to you.

Welcome aboard. I hope we all learn something. This is going to be fun!


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